Wednesday, August 12, 2009

summer reading goals

Afraid to say, with the exception of Gray, none of us are doing all that well. The exception really makes me smile though! While he's always been a very good reader (in the sense that he reads well-above grade level), he has not always been an enthusiastic reader. At least as far as fiction goes.

Here are the goals we set for ourselves, along with our progress to date:

Max: 20 books/6 read

Gray: 30 books/19 read

Annie: 75 books/30 read (she's been coming on strong as of late, so there's still some hope for her)

Rich: 25 books/12 read (he thrown in the towel...quitter!)

Debi: 30 books/6 read (despite the pathetic-ness of my progress, I refuse to give up)

**Our "summer" runs from June 24th-September 7th this year.**

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