Saturday, May 17, 2008

Science Exploration Day

This event, hosted by St. John Fisher College, has long been a hit with Annie. Gray got his first taste this year, and he definitely agrees with his sister. Each year, area colleges and science-related businesses come together for this event, each setting up some sort of fun science exhibit. Most are hands-on type things.

Rich and a colleague always man the MCC booth in the evening. This year their booth had owl pellets for kids to dissect, pond water to examine for microscopic organisms, and a frog call game.

At other booths, they were able to silver-plate pennies, make a screwdriver, mix concrete, examine a variety of skulls, hunt for shark teeth fossils, see a variety of animals, like coatis and giant millipedes, up close and personal, and numerous other things (there were about 40 booths this year).

(Gray with a model of a real murder victim's skull.)

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