Wednesday, May 28, 2008

teeth and potatoes

I've been a bit lax here about getting photos posted...combination of laziness and forgetfulness. Here's a few from last week:

First, we've got Annie doing a mammal skull lab in which she is examining mammal skulls and trying to determine the animal's diet:

No surprise that Annie is really enjoying our mammals unit. We're using David Attenborough's Life of Mammals as our unofficial textbook, and we've been watching the series on DVD as well. And though we've done it before, we'll probably do some live small mammal trapping in the yard, and head out to somewhere to make some plaster casts of mammal tracks. I'm personally looking forward to Annie's power point presentation, where she can teach me a bit about one of her favorite mammals, the Canadian lynx. A field trip the American Museum of Natural History sure would be a fun culminating activity, but I'm not sure if we'll be able to swing it.

And here she is cooking up a recipe, potato pancakes, for Idaho:

They were quite yummy, but not nearly as much as that apple pie! Annie and I are a tad jealous...we'll soon be moving on to New Mexico, but while we're reading and watching videos and cooking, Jean will actually be there in person! Not a chance we can fit in her luggage either.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that Annie had her first soccer game of the season last night, but her frazzled old mom had forgotten to take the camera.


Anonymous said...

Love David Attenborough, especially the Life of Birds!

Jean said...

You led me on! I thought for a moment you were talking about the Natural History museum of the Smithsonian, in Washington! I could meet you there! Meet as in really meet you! "Hi, I'm Jean; you must be Debi and Annie." Oh well.

What do you want from New Mexico? A wisp of sand from the White Sands desert? I won't make it Roswell, so I can't bring you an alien souvenir. I'll see what I can find at the market in Mesilla that might be fun as well as educational. I also won't make it to Socorro to see the Very Large Array. Oh well (do I hear an echo), that just gives me an excuse for a return visit.

Debi said...

We're huge Attenborough fans here, too! We just watched Life of Birds last quarter...and you're right, it's great!