Monday, May 12, 2008

using that vocab-game 1, week 3

We sure would love to gain some new players...come on, give Jean and Rich a little competition!

It's really quite easy. Listed below are Annie's vocabulary words for this week. Your challenge is to use them in sentences. Choose one and write one sentence. Or write eight sentences. It's up to you. Each one used is a separate entry. Just write them in the comments on this post. And remember, Annie is the judge, so playing to an 11-year-old fantasy/wolves/books/cats and dogs/history loving girl is to your advantage. Humor never hurt either.








*void (focusing on the verb "to cancel; to retract")


Jean said...

I'll be back with sentences, but wanted to warn you that younger son Awesome McAwesome (a.k.a. Steve) will likely be joining in the fun. He's hoping to make up for his late start but promises to keep in mind that Annie is but 11 as he crafts what are sure to be memorable sentences.

Jean said...

Back now with the promised sentences. I figured I'd go for the challenge of distinct sentences this week, though a couple of them do use more than one word:

(1) I, for one, am having a rollicking good time with this vocabulary game--keep the words coming, please!

(2) I couldn't help but guffaw the first time I heard a common one-syllable profanity strung out to three syllables in a Texas drawl.

(3) As he passed sentence on the knight, the emperor sneered, "I found his candor much more refreshing than your sedulous flattery."

(4) The master metalsmith annealed the sword carefully, to inure it against cracking during battle.

(5) My husband was going to cut a hole in the side of the new dryer to re-direct the vent until I ponted out that that would void the warranty.

Awesome McAwesome said...
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Awesome McAwesome said...

The dragon-rider cast his sedulous gaze out over the battlefield, inured to the violence and suffering below. “Looks like we’re about to have a rollicking good time,” he drawled to his steed before climbing on to face the enemy king. The rider held his steely sword aloft, bathing it in his dragon’s fiery breath, until the king’s candor made the foe let out a hearty guffaw. The rider realized his mistake and looked in terror at his now-worthless bar of annealed iron. “Can I void what I just said?” he asked sheepishly.

(Oops, I wrote five sentences instead of eight. My bad. All the words are there, at least.)
(And sorry for posting twice, but I didn't quite like the wording of my first one.)

Anonymous said...

the cat saw the wolf run by, having a rollicking good time chasing a chicken. the cat didn't like this as the chickens were hers to chase, so she decided to anneal the wolf.

she took out her flame-thrower and as the wolf ran by she spewed out a burst of flame. his tail caught alight, she guffawed with delight and up went the wolf in a puff of smoke!

Rich said...

rollick - The boy had but one desire that Saturday morning, to rollick in the sandbox with his dumptruck toy.

drawl - I knew that it was she the moment I picked up the phone as her lovely drawl was unmistakable.

inure - I have been forced to inure the incessant barking of that damned beagle.

sedulous - Although I am the most sedulous student in the class, I still got a D.

anneal - The mad chemist added the final ingredient: calcium hydroxide to make the mixture anneal.

candor - I did not appreciate his candor when he told me that I was bald.

guffaw - I did not like the man one bit, but I had to guffaw when I heard him tell his story.

void - Their goalie, Ron Hextall, could easily void any shooter in hockey with his lighting fast glove.

Debi said...

This week's winning sentences:

“Can I void what I just said?” he asked sheepishly.

His tail caught alight, she guffawed with delight, and up went the wolf in a puff of smoke!

I did not appreciate his candor when he told me that I was bald. (Annie was, for obvious reasons, able to guess that this was written by her dad. Whether this influenced her decision, I can't say for sure.)

Thanks to everyone for playing! Please come back next week for the next round. I sure am having fun reading everyone's sentences, but am finding it absolutely impossible to predict which ones Annie will choose.

Anonymous said...

haha! that was fun.

i also like that Void one... :)