Tuesday, June 24, 2008

School's Out!

But not for summer, I'm afraid. At least not for most us.

We delivered both our fourth quarter report for this year, and our IHIP for next year. WooHoo...that means no more paperwork until late September.

And two happy little boys had their last day today. Frankly, that makes their mom very happy, too...I love having them around all summer. Though I'm guessing it may make it a little harder for Annie and I to get through our school days. Especially since Rich will soon be starting his second summer session and has some longer days this time.

Anyway, we went out for our traditional last day of school pizza at Pizza Hut, albeit a bit early as Annie has a soccer game tonight.



Anonymous said...

Good going...enjoy the break. We'll be doing school this summer this year. :)

Jean said...

Was it Alice Cooper who sang "School's Out for Summer." Nice beat. Easy to dance to. Won't leave my head now.