Thursday, April 3, 2008

for the brain and the body

Camp Arrowhead is an area YMCA that offers classes for home-schoolers throughout the traditional school year. Annie absolutely loves attending! They do offer some pretty fun, interesting stuff. (Unfortunately, we can only afford to send her to a few each semester...but I think that helps her appreciate them even more.)

It really is a beautiful place, set out in the woods, which allows them to offer all kinds of camping, hiking, snowshoeing, and other outdoor activities.

Yesterday she took a full day class about the Olympics. Along with learning a bit about the history of the Olympics, the passing of the torch, etc., they also competed in their own mini version of the games. Annie had her first exposure to throwing the discus and heaving a shot put. They had relays, and obstacle courses, and long jump contests, plus a variety of "silly" games.

And here is Annie (in one very blurry photo) with her Olympic medal :)

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Jean said...

The photo didn't come through when I looked at the blog entry; however, clicking on the picture icon did open it. Hmmm. Congrats to Annie. What a nice medal and what a pleasant place in which to earn it.