Thursday, April 10, 2008

on the go

Yesterday was a fun, busy day in Annie's world. Unfortunately one devoid of photos though. Well, photos of Miss A anyway.

Yesterday was another Camp Arrowhead day. The morning was spent in a hiking class, and the afternoon in a calligraphy class...Annie enjoyed both immensely. And she made new friends as well, since she has now moved up to the next age group.

After supper came swimming lessons. Annie is really enjoying diving. Just one class left of this session. She's not sure if she'll be moving up a level or not. But we probably won't get back to swimming lessons until the fall anyway, as soccer is about to start.

And finally, last evening she headed out with Rich to view the annual salamander migration. It was harder to pinpoint "the perfect night" this year as the ideal weather conditions haven't really presented themselves. Yesterday's weather was close, so they headed out to scope things out. And sure enough, they were rewarded for their efforts.

Not sure how easy they are to see, but there are three salamanders in this photo.

They saw three species of salamander this year, fewer than last year (but that is probably because of timing, not because of a change in populations).


Jean said...

Cool on the whole salamander thing! Nice photo, too. I think I found all three--definitely see two; the third is a bit iffy. Where did Annie and Rich go? Your back yard? A nearby park? What fun! Is this a sure sign of spring up your way?

Debi said...

They went to a nearby park. We've got a few nice ones around here. This one, Mendon Ponds, actually holds true to its name and has several ponds. Good herp habitat...they'll be back out next week doing frog counts (using calls) as part of some ongoing study.