Thursday, April 24, 2008

just keeps getting better

I don't think Annie ever could have imagined that today would be even more exciting than yesterday, but it has definitely proved to be just that!

First off, today is Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day. Rich's school always puts together all kinds of great things for the kids. Annie has always had a ball, and this year was no exception. Gray was finally old enough to go as well, so we also had one very happy little boy on our hands. Gray actually spent the morning with Rich as he was doing a fun animal lab with his students that he figured Gray would really enjoy.

But Annie went off with the other kids to do the "planned activities" for the morning. One of these was "classes" was on recycling. And each kid had to make a poster on recycling. The posters were later judged...and Miss Annie won first place! I wish I could post of photo of the poster, but they're keeping it hanging on campus for now (and Rich had forgotten to take the camera with him to school). But here's a picture of Annie with her prize:

(Rich is more than a little jealous...he really wants one of these hoodies, but they cost $40 at the bookstore.)

But that's not the most exciting part of Miss Annie's, that would involve something she received in the mail. She was invited to the Awards Ceremony for being among the top-scoring students on the John Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth's SCAT test. Way to go, Annie! (And Jean--I'm sure you've been through this, so maybe you can give us a heads up of what it will be know, like is she supposed to dress up? will she receive her certificate during the ceremony, or do they just hand them out afterwards?...that kind of stuff.)

Anyway, we will be taking her out to dinner to celebrate shortly...after she and Rich get home from a talk being given by retired Army Major General Batiste.


Lis Garrett said...

WOW! Sounds like she had quite a day! Congratulations to Annie ~ how proud you and Rich must be!

Jean said...

Congratulations, Annie!!! Yep, I've been to several of the JHU CTY ceremonies, for both of my kids. Dress is nice but not overly nice. Some boys would wear nice pants, a shirt, and a tie, while many would wear something along the lines of khakis and a henley shirt. Girls usually dressed nicer than boys, more of them in some form of skirt or dress than in slacks.

And it is a real ceremony. They will have a speaker or two with at least one talking about what an accomplishment it is for the kids. The kids sit in the front rows of the auditoriu, and will be called up on stage individually to get their certificates. There will also be a special presentation (you'll see these kids listed in the program, so you'll have a heads-up if Annie is one of them) of certificates to kids who had the highest scores in the state for their grade level. For example, Steve had the second highest 5th grade math score in Virginia his year, so he got a special award. Don got several for his SAT performance. They don't usually tell you about these awards ahead of time, though, so it's sort of a surprise. Definitely take the camera, 'cause I'll want, nay, expect to see some pictures.

And there may or may not be a reception with punch and cookies and the like afterwards. It depends on where the ceremony is held. All the ones our kids were involved with had a reception, but I once helped (sat at the check-in table) at one for which there was no reception. The CTY folks told me that whereas the host of the ceremony (often a college) would sometime donate the reception, this particular site (George Mason University) was going to charge so much that CTY decided not to have the reception component.

Again, my congratulations to Annie and her wonderful parents. I'd been wondering whether she might get an award since I knew the time for such ceremonies was approaching. Way to go, Annie!

Carl V. said...

Those are both really cool things! Way to go Annie. I can't think of anything other than to bow to the wisdom of Napoleon D. and say that is 'flippin sweet'!!!. I'm certainly proud of you and I'm sure the parents are full nearly to bursting.

Jennifer said...

WOW! What awesome news! Congratulations Annie!!!

And need I even say it again? That's one incredible girl you've got there Debi!!!

gail@more than a song said...

YAY! Way to go Annie!