Monday, April 28, 2008

using that vocab-game 1, week 1

Jean had a neat idea. Well, she has tons of neat ideas, but this one involves Annie's vocabulary lists. Jean suggested that I post Annie's list for the week, and let everyone use them in sentences. I love this's always easier to get the feel of new words when you see them used in a number of sentences.

We decided to turn it into a bit of a game. Each Monday, I'll post Annie's list for the week. You can write sentences using the words. Write just one sentence using one word. Or write eight sentences, each using a different word. Or anywhere in between. Thursday morning I will read Annie each of the sentences (so she doesn't know who wrote them), and she will choose her favorite three. Each sentence she chooses will earn a point. Points will be collected throughout the entire quarter and the person with the most points at the end of the quarter will win a small prize. And then hopefully we'll start over next quarter.

And by the way, after she chooses, I will have her sit down and read the sentences herself so she can see them in print. She always has to write a little story using each of the words...perhaps I should then have her post that as well.

Anyway, a few tidbits about Annie...she loves animals, particularly wolves and ravens, as well as cats and dogs, she loves fantasy, she loves history. Mentions of these may improve your chances of her choosing a particular sentence. :)

Hope that all made sense. And here's this week's list:

*harp (focusing on the definition "to dwell on; to persist" not on the musical instrument)









Jean said...

What an indomitable idea, Debi! In fact, it makes my coiffure resemble the somewhat outmoded style of Howie Long, i.e., standing on end. In a shameless display of effrontery, I shall attempt to be the first to mesmerize you and Annie with a most witty entry, albeit one not at all scrofulous. In fear that someone else's entry may antedate mine on the comment board, I shall end now and not harp on attaining perfection.

Debi said...

Holy crap, Jean...that was brilliant!!! I'm doubtful that Annie is going to know who Howie Long is, but you sure had me rolling!

Jean said...

Looking up Howie Long (a fellow resident of Albemarle County, Virginia) will be a good lesson for Annie now, won't it?

And with my entry, you can see why most of my teachers either loved me or hated me. I did all sorts of things in an effort to make schoolwork more interesting. I think I once used all my vocabulary words in a single, grammatically correct sentence. I never did what a friend said he did, though, submitting a paper consisting of 26 sentences, the first starting with "A," the second starting with "B," and so on.

Jean said...

I really hope my comment "entry" hasn't dissuaded others from trying. I'll feel really bad if I end up killing this from the outset. I shall now go slink off, head bowed.

Debi said...

As it is now Thursday, it is time to read Annie the vocabulary sentences and let her choose the winners.
Of course, as we had only one contestant in this week's round, I'd say Jean's a shoe-in! And frankly, for that incredible entry, she deserves the 3 points she's earned!

And Jean, yes, I did have Annie google Howie Long...she got a big kick out of that!

Jean said...

Did I kill the contest in its first week? Did the words get sent to everyone else but not to me? If I promise not to enter until Wednesday night, may I still play? It was so much fun last week! Brain cells fired, and life was good. Pretty please can there be vocabulary words again this week?