Sunday, July 20, 2008

Homeschool happenings--week(ish)2

Here's what Miss Annie's been up to this past week...

Math: Finally hitting the very beginnings of actual algebra. Lots of terms introduced. Properties of real numbers. That sort of stuff.

Also finished up the first section in real-word math (working with schedules).

Couple more math puzzles.

English: Another round of judging on the vocabulary game. Another aced vocabulary test. Plus her weekly sentences and vocabulary story, of course. And another 3,000 grains of rice donated.

Getting 15 hours of writing class in last week, has left us ahead of schedule there. Annie, of course, still works on stories on her own though. I don't think she could stop writing any more than she could stop reading.

Literature: Still reading poetry. Talked about odes, narrative poems, and sonnets this week. Learned some new terms, like meter and feet and iambs and trochees. Among Annie's favorite poems this week were "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe and "Bad Weather" by Ralph Fletcher.

Science: Annie continued work on her insect defenses database. She watched Eyewitness Insects video. And did a bit more field work...1. another field trip to Mendon Ponds Park for butterfly and dragonfly identification work and 2. building and placing "nests" in hopes of attracting parasitoid wasps.

Social Studies: We watched more of Ken Burn's The Civil War. (Along with more highlights discussion, note-taking, and quote collecting.) Annie has also begun reading companion book (The Civil War by Geoffrey C. Ward). Annie also read Alexander Stephens Cornerstone speech, and did an associated writing assignment.

For the geography portion, we watched an episode of Principles of Geography titled "Maps and Globes: A Thorough Understanding". Lecture and note taking. Map scale exercise. Latitude and longitude exercise.

For the government portion, Annie took a quiz on the article she'd read last week, did a writing assignment about what it might be like if every state had their own currency, and watched a program titled "A Little Rebellion: Prologue to the U.S. Constitution".

For the document based questions portion, she finished up packet one with an essay based on the provided documents, along with her prior knowledge.

Music: Still fluting away.

Art: Still clicking away. Obsessively. My personal favorite of the week...

Phys Ed: Two more soccer games.

Health: Annie completed another two pages in Health Science. She also played another round of Trivia Showdown against Rich. This time it was about infectious diseases, and she got her butt kicked.

She also completed 4 pages in Get Smart About Drugs.

Practical Arts: We discussed healthy menu planning. We came up with a number of strategies for easily making meals healthier.

Library Skills: Annie completed an Atlas Scavenger Hunt and an introductory assignment about almanacs.

And that's it for all the required subjects. In addition, we watched "Understanding How Stuff Works: Computers" and Annie took a short quiz. Some basic terminology discussed.

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Anonymous said...

Gee! Your school sounds like so much fun. Makes me wanna attend. :)