Thursday, July 24, 2008

more points to award

Trying to get this published before we head off to Annie's soccer party, so forgive me (or secretly cheer!) for my brevity here. This week's winning sentences:

Eremite that I am, my doormat says "LEAVE" rather than "WELCOME." (Jean)

As Carmine ushered Chloe back out into the rain he yelled, “You’re not wanted here, sachet on home to your maw!” (Carl)

Parents around the world screamed for joy when one of the Jonas Brothers left the band to become an eremite and the group split up. (Rich)

To win the gold medal, the lissome high jumper practised and practised (and then fed her opponent rancid cheese before their competition.) (RaiderGirl3)

The vedette's horse shied as the dragon swooped down, but without fear the sentry faced the monster's toothy maw, trusting in the acuity of his pike. (Medbie)

Good job, everyone! And some of you used more than one word in your winning sentences, so we've got lots of points to award. In addition, this week's "secret" word was nepenthe, which several participants used. (Jean, Carl, Awesome, Medbie)

Thanks to everyone for playing! Hope you'll all be back next week!


Carl V. said...

Thanks for the points...though my improper use of word sentence, taken out of the context of the story, probably makes me a cheater! :)

Jean said...

Would you believe that I really do have a "LEAVE" doormat on the porch? That sentence practically wrote itself!

Medbie said...

This is so much fun! Thanks for the points and for learning new words and the chance to read everyone else's sentences. :D