Sunday, July 20, 2008

Using that vocab-game 2, week 3

Everybody ready to write some fabulous sentences? Actually, if you wouldn't mind, try not to be quite so fabulous this week, okay? Last week's judging was rough on Miss Annie!

Anyone new to the game, you can check out the rules here.




















Good luck everyone!


Jean said...

proclivity & oligarchy: Some of the "Stan" countries that emerged from the former Soviet Union seem to have a proclivity to oligarchy.

acuity: The alpha wolf's acuity of smell made it easy for him to track the younger male who had dared to intrude on the alpha's territory.

senescent: Rich's back was stiffer than usual as he got out of bed that morning, making him feel even more senescent than usual.

susurrus: The cat crept through the tall grass toward its prey, with nary a susurrus announcing its approach.

vedette: Bouncing about in his coracle, Reepicheep wondered if a vedette would have been a better choice.

eremite: Eremite that I am, my doormat says "LEAVE" rather than "WELCOME."

nepenthe: The shaman ritually ground the nepenthe, knowing that the boys would need it if they returned from the battle.

lissome: The lissome fairies danced over the flowertops like rays of sunshine through the mist.

mien: The lion shook his mane and roared, his regal mien resounding across the savannah.

Carl V. said...

I am way behind in participating in these and this is no doubt NOT what you intended, but I had too much fun doing this so here sentences using 10 words comprise a very bad story. My apologies:

Carmine was an eremite ermine, Chloe a senescent squirrel.

Completely unregenerate, and prone to a nepenthe for breakfast, Carmine often engaged in highly confused puns and wordplay whenever Chloe chose to violate his reclusive refuge.

“Aren’t you acuity!”, Carmine guffawed when a rain-drenched Chloe stumbled into his lair. “Get out of here before you expiate all over my clean floors!”

The iniquity of Carmine’s mien was lost on Chloe, being a bit nutty herself.

As Carmine ushered Chloe back out into the rain he yelled, “You’re not wanted here, sachet on home to your maw!”

Rich said...

rancid - The dog was very sad, as he couldn't understand that nobody wanted to pet him because he smelled rancid.

proclivity - My mother hated my potty-mouth, but I told her I had a proclivity for profanity.

efflorescent - My poetry is efflorescent and my squid is opalescent

acuity - Batman spotted the Riddler hiding in the tree thanks to his falcon-like visual acuity.

unregenerate - Baker is a beagle, a breed that is well known to be unregenerate and very difficult to train.

eremite - Parents around the world screamed for joy when one of the Jonas Brothers left the band to become an eremite and the group split up.

susurrus - I seriously searched the somewhat sunny home before I saw the source of the susurrus: a small snoring skunk sleeping sideways near the sink.

pillion- When my wife buys a motorcycle, I hope she gets one with a pillion for me as well as one for the dog and one for the cat.

raidergirl3 said...

The hawk's proclivity for diving through the air towards them kept the mice on guard as they scavenged for food.

Throw that kiwi into your maw. [ha, we say this at home all the time]

Her grandmother's secret to always smelling fresh was the sachet she kept in her sock drawer.

I love the spring of the year and the efflorescent view in my garden.

As Professor MacGonnagol turned her back to write on the board, there was a a soft susurrus of conversation in the classroom.

Prince Charming jumped on the pillion behind his saviour, the Princess, and they roared away on the her motorcycle and lived happily ever after.

To win the gold medal, the lissome high jumper practised and practised (and then fed her opponent rancid cheese before their competition.)

Annie's good sense of acuity allows her to excel at hide-and-go-seek wiht her brothers.

Awesome McAwesome said...

The vedette showed a proclivity for stealth as he stalked through the woods behind the encampment.

The eremite had few material pleasures in life, but his small sachet was one of them.

The gaping maw of the dragon did nothing to scare the lissome hero.

The wind through the grass sounded like a lover’s susurrus to the hiker walking through.

There is nothing sadder than the senescence of a beautiful mind.

The alcohol acting as a good nepenthe, she threw caution to the wind and hopped onto the biker’s pillion.

Medbie said...

The vedette's horse shied as the dragon swooped down, but without fear the sentry faced the monster's toothy maw, trusting in the acuity of his pike.

She clutched her glass of chocolate milk in her lissome fingers, hoping it would be the nepenthe needed to soothe her nerves after the argument with her unregenerate, cheating boyfriend.

The senescent sachet had hardly any fragrance left, certainly not enough to cover up the rancid odor of the efflorescence skunk cabbages.