Thursday, July 17, 2008

round two's point winners

Damn, you all are so talented! But come on guys, you really have to stop writing such great sentences! I'm had Annie rolling with laughter, complete and total giggle fit! And she had the hardest time yet weeding them down to five sentences. With great effort, she got them weeded down to nine sentences and then just totally got stuck. It took almost an hour to determine the point winners this week! But we've got lots of points to award. I found it somewhat surprising that none of the winner sentences had more than a single word in them, as so many of this week's entries used two, or even three, words apiece.

O.K., I'll finally shut up and post the five winning sentences:

While in his study one evening, Lord Rithven died quietly from an amorphous, and hopefully untraceable, poisonous gas. (Medbie)

Having finished his kill, the wolf settled comfortably into a state of post-prandial lassitude. (Jean)

I made the mistake of teaching my students the meaning of the word suctorial, not realizing that they would use it to describe me. (Rich)

After I quit college, my Dad launched into a discursive lecture that finally ended hours later on the subject of growing healthy tomatoes. (Rich)

And every time a fart came trumpeting out of his bum people considered it their death knell! (Jean Pierre)

Plus, many of you used this week's secret bonus word, which was suctorial. (RaiderGirl3, Jean, Rich, and Awesome)

By the way, the point tallies are over in the sidebar, if you're interested. Definitely anybody's game at this point.

I truly wish I could award another bonus point to RaiderGirl3, but of course, that wouldn't be fair, as I'm not the judge...but I just LOVED her "suctorial" sentence, and think that forever more I shall be calling straws suctorial devices!

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Medbie said...

Congrats to all the winners--and I'm loving reading these great sentences. Not to mention, improving my vocab!