Sunday, July 27, 2008

Using that vocab-game 2, week 4

Who's up for another round?

In case we've got any new players, the rules can be found here.

This week's words:
























Good luck, everyone!


raidergirl3 said...

1. After Mutt was accidently dyed blue, he expected to be ostracized by the other dogs in the town. (reference: The Dog Who Wouldn't Be by Mowatt)

2. As she finally entered the hallowed graveyard, Dyana was overwhelmed, and her emaciated body fell prostrate before her father's gravestone.

3. After being called on his misogeny by the female students, the prolix professor then droned on in a contrite manner until everyone regretted the whole affair.

4. Annie's vociferous apetite caused her to wantonly abandon her good manners, as she jammed the chocolate cake in her mouth, frosting spraying on any and all bystanders.

Jean said...

My brain is mush from intensive intro weaving (three days down and two to go), but here goes.

ennui/prolix: I don't think we should tell Rich about the ennui his students felt after his prolix lecture.

prostrate: He was so tired and wanted so badly to lie down that he halfway thought he might be suffering from prostrate cancer.

emaciated/dotard: What a dotard he was, emaciated both physically and mentally!

misogyny: The phrase "male chauvinist pig" does not begin to describe Pat's misogyny.

connubial/cynosure: Rich and Debi's connubial bliss served as a cynosure to their children.

viand: A viand here and a viand there and a banqueting we shall go!

ostracize: Most older brothers would ostracize their younger brothers if only their parents would let them.

Medbie said...

Hope I'm not too late. . .

As the prolix speaker launched into a long and tedious report on the impact of automobiles on this, the Anthropocene period, the audience gratefully munched on the residual hour duerves to avoid paying attention.

Seeing the marching army, the baby wyverns vociferously cried out for such tasty viands, but with little efficacy from their more cautious mother.

While thought to be misogynist, due to the often anti-mother themes in his writing, the famous author was quite the opposite--to the point of adulating women in general, and his own mother in particular.

His dogmatic rebuttal of the club president's stance on whether or not currants should continue to be allowed in rice pudding brought about his removal from the member's roll and now Laurie Pfifer-Smith can no longer entry it's hallowed halls, much to his heartbreak.

Awesome McAwesome said...

I’m often accused of misogyny, but really, I hate everyone.

I hope my sentences aren’t too prolix this week.

The dogmatic claims of the Catholic Church do little but bring ridicule to their hallowed beliefs.

The delicious viands were the cynosure of the dinner party.

The Anthropocene era will be our end, if nothing is done.

The man’s words were nice, but his intonation belied his true feelings.

His vociferous opposition to the local sports team quickly led to his being ostracized.

Rich said...

ostracize - He kept quiet about his love of Hannah Montana for fear that his friends would ostrasize him.

efficacy - I'm dubious about the efficacy of Baker's training.

misogyny - Luckily for the girls and women of Earth, the invaders from Mars had a bit of misogyny; they would only eat men.

adulate - His adulation of Hannah Montana worried his parents, as he was 42 years old.

dogmatic - His dogmatic support of George W. Bush ultimately led his parents to throw him out of the house.

anthropocene - Wild animals everywhere rejoiced at the long anticipated end of the anthropocene.

dotard - When he got old, he became a dotard, which made him feel like a retard.

vociferous - Her Dad was vociferous in his hatred of Brittany Spears and he refused to let her play her CDs in the house.

ennui - Her ennui became apparent when she fell asleep during my class and fell off her chair, breaking her coccyx.

contrite - The dog did not seem contrite when I caught him buying dog treats with the twenty dollars that he stole from my wallet while I slept.