Sunday, October 5, 2008

a fresh start

Well, I did a really lousy job of keeping up-to-date on our homeschooling blog last quarter. Even missed reporting on the big event of Annie's starting her first class at the local community college.

I did post this picture over on my regular blog, but it really should be here. This is Annie headed out to her first day of Honors English 200 (Advanced Composition). She was so excited that morning, and a bit nervous, too. But no one can fault her for that.

The good new is that after five weeks of classes (a third of the way through), she's still loving it, and is excited about going to each and every class. And she's holding her own, too.

We completed lots of other things as well, but I'm just too overwhelmed to do an accounting. I am going to try to do a much better job of posting here, now that we're about to embark on our second quarter of the year.

(The first post for quarter two should be up later today when we'll get the words up for round 1 of the new Using that Vocabulary game.)

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