Thursday, October 9, 2008

Game 3, Round 1 Points

Whoa, you people are impressive! Annie had the hardest time weeding down to five sentences...she even asked if we couldn't just bend the rules and pick more. But she finally did manage to stick the rules and narrow it down to five.

This week's point winners:

The blogger was lauded throughout the internet for her "What's in a Name?" challenge. (Raidergirl3) Looks like flattery pays off. :)

She did not thing she would ever ACCLIMATE
To her master's tendency to VITUPERATE
And belittle her attempts to CEREBRATE
Unless her heart she could somehow INDURATE. (Jean) Oooh, and poetry nonetheless!

The chef on board the CANARD denied that he had served chicken rather than CANARD as the poultry course, and attributed the CANARD to his jealous assistant. (Jean) And you taught us two additional meanings to the word in the process!

The Vatican police chief let out a saturnine sigh as he read the file; while most of the criminals he dealt with were disgruntled votaries caught practicing the rudiments of purloining in the refectory at supper-time, this man was the apotheosis of his art, a pinnacle of sangfroid and sleight-of-hand, and the chief knew he was more than just a tenebrous canard. (Awesome) The big gamble paid off!

When Dr. Feelgood, the facinorous mad scientist and much lauded votary of dance music, asked Professor No-Body, a brain kept alive in a tenebrous jar, what his favorite song was he replied with sangfroid, “Why, Cerebrate Good Times, of course!” (Carl) Annie's favorite for the week!

And this week's "bonus" word was saturnine. (Jean, Awesome, Rich)

Thanks everyone, for playing! Hope you'll all be back!

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Carl V. said...

I'm so glad this is back on, I enjoy the challenge to the ol' gray cells and it is fun to actually be learning vocab! I heard the word 'avuncular' the other day and was able to say "I know what that means!!!".