Monday, October 13, 2008

Using that Vocabulary, Game 3, Round 2

First let me apologize for posting these a bit late this week...Miss Annie was at a sleepover so we couldn't klatch last night. So as not to shortchange you on time, judging won't occur until Friday morning this week.

Anyone new playing along? If so, you might want to check out the rules here.

And here's this week's list:























*attribute (we're focusing on the verb, but feel free to use it however)

*broach (again, we're focusing on the verb, but feel free use it however)


Good luck to one and all!


Awesome McAwesome said...

Once the subject of his bibulous son’s diablerie had been broached, the trenchant father expostulated intensely; in his heart, though, he knew it was just his rubicund wife’s enjoining that had led to the bellicose fusillade, for he couldn’t entirely condemn the man who had taken so much pleasure gamboling through the spring meadows as a child.

Jean said...

Steve says he has built an insurmountable lead. I take that as a challenge.

Donald gamboled through life, his bibulous bonhomie contrasting sharply with his brother Steven's bellicose diablerie, a trait their mother disavowed as leading only to the gibbet, and which she not so trenchantly attributed to Steven's ill-gotten wealth rather than to her poor parenting.

Rich said...

I enjoined the dog to stop barking, but as usual, he didn't.

Much to my dismay, the dog was a Republican, but he disavowed the party after 7 years of George W. Bush.

The bellicose baboon felt bitchy and barbaric.

The dog dabbled in diablerie in an attempt to get the Master to cook some bacon.

The grumpy old man was DONE with bonhomie.

On Monday, the much maligned monkey migrated to Montgomery, Mississippi.

His face grew rubicund when he was caught with the ill-gotten candy.

Carl V. said...

This is best read with a melodramatically ominous, slightly English accent. LOL:

"Russet faced and bellicose at the memory, I, a humble fakir--a liaison of Allah--hereby bequeath to you this tale of diablerie, with all bonhomie, of that malign night whence that roly-poly rascal, my so-called brother, didst eat the last of the jelly donuts and then, to my great horror, proceeded to gambol about the room, wiping his rubicund face on my most cherished antimacassar."

That's it, 10 words....I think I've been reading to much Lovecraft!!!