Sunday, October 5, 2008

Using that Vocabulary, Game 3, Round 1

Well, I don't know about anyone else, but Annie is mighty excited about starting a new game. In case, I haven't said it before, a huge thank you to all who play! It really is a fun way for Annie to see her vocabulary words in use, which is obviously a lot better than just reading a definition.

In case we've got any new players, here's a brief recap of the rules:

1. Write as many sentences as you wish, but use no more than 10 of the vocabulary words. (That is, you can write ten sentences each using one word each. Or you can write one sentence using ten words. Or you can write six sentences using one word each and two sentences using two words each. Etc. You choose.)

2. You may use less than 10 words. If you just want to write one sentence, using just one word, that's perfectly fine!

3. Annie will choose her five favorite sentences. Each vocabulary word in these sentences earns a point.

4. A "secret" bonus word will yield everyone would happens to use that word an extra point.

5. Sentences must be posted in the comments by late Thursday afternoon (EST), as judging will take place Thursday evening.

6. Once again, the game will consist of eight rounds. Don't worry if you have to miss a week or two or even is definitely still possible to win!

*Please feel free to ask, if anything is unclear.

*The prize for this game will be a $15.00 Amazon gift certificate.

*Again, just a hint...playing to Annie's passions can pay off! (She still loves wolves, ravens, and most any other animal. She still loves fantasy. Halloween themes are likely to be well-received. And she definitely seems to go for humor.)

And now for this week's words:

























Good luck everyone!


raidergirl3 said...

The teacher was disgruntled as student after student had not completed the homework.

What is the tangential speed of the merry go round rider as she flies off her horse?

The blogger was lauded throughout the internet for her "What's in a Name?" challenge.

All right gang, let's get out the semaphore flags and send a message to yonder hill.

Before entering college, all students should learn the rudiments of cooking, because it is not healthy to try to survive on PBJ and tomato soup for four years.

The dog attempted to purloin the steak from the barbeque, and burned his nose in the process.

Her sneaky subterfuge of copying sentences from online dictionaries didn't fool the judges at all.

ps Now that I'm back teaching school, I may not be as consistent of a player. Also, holy smoke! Where are you finding these words? I thought I had a good vocabulary.

Jean said...

Ack! It is Thursday. Here goes, relatively off the top of my head!

First, a short poem:

She did not thing she would ever ACCLIMATE
To her master's tendency to VITUPERATE
And belittle her attempts to CEREBRATE
Unless her heart she could somehow INDURATE.

Oh what the heck, here goes an attempt at using three meanings of the same word in one sentence:

The chef on board the CANARD denied that he had served chicken rather than CANARD as the poultry course, and attributed the CANARD to his jealous assistant.

It was not clear whether the VOTARY's SATURNINE mood in the REFECTORY was a reflection of his temperament or the result of his vow of silence.

His FACINOROUS behavior was in keeping with his TENEBROUS nature.

Oh well!

Awesome McAwesome said...

The Vatican police chief let out a saturnine sigh as he read the file; while most of the criminals he dealt with were disgruntled votaries caught practicing the rudiments of purloining in the refectory at supper-time, this man was the apotheosis of his art, a pinnacle of sangfroid and sleight-of-hand, and the chief knew he was more than just a tenebrous canard.

Rich said...

The disgruntled, but sangroid, elephant who was unsuccessful in his attempt to vituperate the facinorous canard about his halitosis went to the refectory to cerebrate but sat saturnine until a friend came along and complimented him on the fresh and sweet scent of his halitus.

Carl V. said...

Yee-Haw, here we go again. My two sentences, 10 words total are as follows:

When Dr. Feelgood, the facinorous mad scientist and much lauded votary of dance music, asked Professor No-Body, a brain kept alive in a tenebrous jar, what his favorite song was he replied with sangfroid, “Why, Cerebrate Good Times, of course!” (6)

The prognathous platypus was planning to ambuscade the rival for his lady love but his atrocious halitus gave the plan away and he had to vituperate the rapscallion instead. (4)