Sunday, October 19, 2008

Using that Vocabulary, Game 3, Round 3

O.K., as I explained in the last post, we're in need of a change in rules here. You all are just too darn clever for your own good. ;) So let's try these out for a bit, and see how it goes...

1. You may use up to, but may not exceed, 10 vocabulary words.

2. No more than 4 vocabulary words may be used in any single sentence.

3. You may use less than 10 words. If you just want to write one sentence, using just one word, that's perfectly fine!

4. Annie will choose her five favorite sentences. Each vocabulary word in these sentences earns a point.

5. A "secret" bonus word will yield everyone would happens to use that word an extra point.

6. Sentences must be posted in the comments by late Thursday afternoon (EST), as judging will take place Thursday evening.

Words at your disposal for this week:
























Good luck, everyone!


Carl V. said...

I like the new rule. Doesn't mean I don't have to think as hard, but I do like not feeling some outside pressure to do 10 words at a time sentences every week.

Carl V. said...

Okay, here are my ten words in three sentences:

Theodore thought it a travesty, as he readjusted his cumbersome cummerbund, that he was not allowed to give an acclamation to his prom’s chosen musical guest, simply because he had no rapport with their rapper. (4)

Wolverine realized how importunate the miasma of love was when he found out that his coeval, his darling Clementine, was adamantine. (4)

The Visigoth’s visage varied when the Viking vanquished with violence his variegated violet. (1)

Jean said...

I don't think any of these are outstanding, but then I guess it's not my opinion that matters. And, after all, you can't win if you don't play.

Given the bog's miasma, it seemed a miracle that anything could pullulate there.

Not that I want to denigrate him, but my father is adamantine in his view that Sarah Palin is qualified to be President, an opinion which makes me not at all proud to be his scion.

The wolf cub studied his sire's visage, seeking a clue to his mood.

Rich tried to establish close rapport with his students; unfortunately, his garish dress, peremptory manners, and cumbersome lectures repelled them.

Awesome McAwesome said...

After the travesties that were the matelot’s importunate attempts at establishing a rapport with the captain, the rest of the crew began to ostracize him.

Despite being cumbersome and garish, the rock star’s new blinged-out Toyota Scion somehow received more acclamation from the pedestrians than the bicycle rolling along next to it.

Politicians often risk disrepute with mainstream voters in order to establish a rapport with special-interest groups, but with the growing ubiquity of the internet, an election-changing miasma can form from just a single careless comment.

Rich said...

The disrepute that the dog felt after it was discovered that he could not chase cats or pee on fire hydrants was a personal travesty.

I wrote my powerful new theory on why fish swim on the whiteboard only to have it effaced by a careless custodian while I was out having a celebratory aqueous martini.

Mom's peremptory visage left no hope for getting out of eating the liver and onions.

He hoped that his garish cerements would enliven his otherwise dull funeral service, but his scions had closed the casket before his friends and family arrived.

Captain Suck had had a very bad day and decided to make each matelot walk the plank into the shark infested waters.

The dog's loud flatulent miasma caused the woman and her cats to flee the room in search of fresh air.