Friday, November 7, 2008

this week's winning sentences

Our numbers have dwindled, as for the second week in a row we've just got Jean and Rich duking it out. We certainly do miss Raidergirl3 and Awesome and Carl and all write such fabulous sentences. Hope you'll think about coming back, at least from time to time.

But for now, I suppose we shouldn't keep Jean and Rich in suspense any longer. Let's see how they've added to their point totals:

Joe's excellence at MASONRY was more than offset by this tendency to GOLDBRICK. (Jean)

The demi-god's ICHOR turned VISCID and PUSTULANT just before it TRANSMUTED into gold. (Jean)

You really can mummify a Cornish game hen without its becoming PUTRESCENT if you just follow my directions. (Jean)

She yelled at me and ran to her room to cry when I told her that her new boyfriend appeared to be feral and jaundiced. (Rich)

The woman tried in vain to transmute her putrescent goldbrick of a husband into a man she could view with approbation, but eventually she gave up, moved out, got a dog, and lived happily ever after. (Rich)

This week's bonus word: feral (Rich)


Carl V. said...

Great sentences! I feel so bad about missing out on the last couple of weeks. My main excuse, work, is a lame one but it has been so taxing (in a good but busy way) and I've come home every night and just wanted to sit and veg. My low blog production is proof that I haven't been up to much lately. I'm home sick today just because I'm worn out and have a low grade fever. All that said I am still mad that I have let this slide as I have so much fun doing them. I'll be working on mine for this week. Even though I'm out of the competition I still want to have my word fun. Plus I keep learning the definitions for either completely new words or ones I've heard forever and just didn't really know what they met. It is awesome!!!

Debi said...

HOORAY! Annie and I are soooo glad you'll be back this week!