Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Using that Vocabulary, Game 3, Round 6

Please forgive me for not posting this earlier. Things have been a tad stressful around here, and frankly, I just forgot. :(
(To make it up to you, Annie won't be judging until Saturday morning.)

This week's words:





















Again, I apologize. And good luck!


Jean said...

I shall GLEEK mightily and hope to CAJOLE Annie into choosing some of my sentences.

Rich thought his lecture on the fusion of ROCOCO and ABORIGINE art was truly ENGIMATIC; to his class, however, it was merely HYPNAGOGIC.

He found the wisps of hair escaping from the GAMINE'S SNOOD to be VOLUPTUOUS if not LUBRICIOUS.

And here's my new favorite sentence from the mystery I just read, a sentence with two (yes, 2) words I had to look up: "The ancient fug in the cabin was chthonic."

Rich said...

Women have a predilection to be enigmatic.

When I finally cajoled an answer out of him I could tell it was a lie, as his story about being grabbed by armed gunmen, taken to France to join the resistence, and finally abducted by aliens was simply too rococo to be true.

I glowered at the student, whose grade was in the lower echelon, when she divulged that my lecture was extremely hypnagogic.

The fish was lubricious but delicious.