Monday, November 3, 2008

Using that Vocabulary, Game 3, Round 5

I apologize for being late again once again. And because they are late, we'll extend the time to get your sentences in. The judging won't take place until Friday morning this week.

Well, we're half-way through Game 3. And I do believe that despite Jean's lead, anyone could still win. So PLEASE keep playing!

(Oh, and here are the updated rules, in case you haven't seen them.)





















Good luck, everyone!


Jean said...

With his CACHET, the emperor ABROGATED the law giving every citizen one free lunch per week and, but doing so, incurred their RANCOR.

Joe's excellence at MASONRY was more than offset by this tendency to GOLDBRICK.

The demi-god's ICHOR turned VISCID and PUSTULANT just before it TRANSMUTED into gold.

You really can mummify a Cornish game hen without its becoming PUTRESCENT if you just follow my directions.

Rich said...

She yelled at me and ran to her room to cry when I told her that her new boyfriend appeared to be feral and jaundiced.

The doleful dog was tired of the pestulant virus and the itchy ichor that it caused.

The woman tried in vain to transmute her putrescent goldbrick of a husband into a man she could view with approbation, but eventually she gave up, moved out, got a dog, and lived happily ever after.