Sunday, November 30, 2008

Using that Vocabulary, Game 3, Round 8

So are you ready for the final round of Game 3? I guess we already know who our winner is, but I do hope you'll play anyway so Annie gets the benefit of hearing her words in use.












*bon mot

*bete noire












Good luck! And thanks for playing!


Jean said...

Debi might have been more SOLICITOUS, but she knew all too well Rich's tendency to MALINGER to avoid even the few duties required for his SINECURE.

The THESPIAN was RANKLED bu the critic's review, noting that it contained many a CLICHE but not a single BON MOT.

I sometimes feel no small measure of NOSTALGIA for childhood given the PONDEROUS responsibilities of adulthood such as avoiding INSOLVENCY.

Rich said...

Because Mom liked my weird brother better than me and was always solicitous to his concerns, she never questioned his malingering even though I often had to go to school with a fever.

Annie knew that her pater, like most men, really wanted a sinecure.

That arrogant, annoying, narcissistic, moronic, stupid, supercilious jerk actually told me that he would never be confuted.

The dog was indignant when I told him that it was cliche to pee on a fire hydrant.

I was once arraigned for putting a chink in the wall of the White House with an errant shot from my catapult.