Thursday, November 20, 2008

Using that Vocabulary, Game 3, Round 7

My sincerest apologies. Again. Rich just called me to ask where this week's words were. I know I typed up the post Monday morning, but he's's definitely not here. (Wonder if I put it on the wrong blog or something?). Anyway, since I'm such a ditzoid, you now have until Monday to do this week's sentences. (Which actually works out okay, because there wasn't going to be a list next week due to the holiday anyway.)





















Sorry! And good luck!


Jean said...

For an ECCLESIASTIC, Father Rich was unusually GRANDIOSE not to mention PROMISCUOUS.

The wolf pack's SOLIDARITY was evident in its well planned and executed INCURSION into Farmer Johnson's cattle pen.

The clown was DISPIRITED, as the PARESIS of his JOWLS made it impossible to smile.

The Republican candidate pounded the podium and PROGNOSTICATED that RECIDIVISM would rise were he not re-elected (he was wrong).

Have a great Thanksgiving, Stevens family!!!!

Rich said...

I was very dispirited when Mom made me abate my grandiose scheme to make all fools pay dearly.

I was certainly in a quagmire when I became overcome by paresis while climbing the crag, but the mountain climbing ecclesiastic saved me and carried me to safety.

I became wan and despondent when I discovered that my work was moot and that my students were still idiots.