Saturday, August 16, 2008

point winners for week 6

Lots and lots of points to be awarded this week. The winning sentences:

Though you may accuse me of a puerile quibble, the sycophant Big Bad Wolf did indeed prevaricate when claiming that he was not a wolf, but a mere practitioner of the art of lycanthropy…this just before he gobbled up my grannie. (Carl)

Lord Chauncy was feeling a bit dauncy until the adventitious event of a craven raven’s fealty granted his daughter Harriet her manumit. (Carl)

{must be sung to the tune of Ebony and Ivory}
Apogee and perigee,
round and round go the planets,
in harmony,
Near and far pulls the sun,
for infinity. (RaiderGirl3)

"Do you dare to prevaricate on the stand?" the lawyer demanded of the witness, who helplessly howled at the moon as he tried to deny the lycanthropy charge against himself. (RaiderGirl3)

The teacher said my poem about a fish who had a wish that he was a girl named Trish was doggerel, but I knew otherwise. (Rich)

And this week's bonus word was lycanthropy. (Carl, Jean, RaiderGirl3, Rich)

Sheesh, Carl really wracked up the points this week!

As we're headed out of town again in the morning, the next list is going to be posted late. I hope to have them up by Tuesday evening (the 19th), but the judging won't be until the following Thursday (the 28th). Only two lists to go before we have a winner for this game!

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Carl V. said...

Woo-hoo!!! Points!!! ;)