Sunday, August 31, 2008

winning sentences (game 2, week 7)

Sorry for the delay in judging/posting this round's winners. Blame is fully mine (not Annie's) with equal parts busyness and disorganization involved.

This week's winning sentences:

Alyson stomped her feet and cried at her husband, "Your orange sweater, green pants and purple hat have completely ruined the aesthetic of this room and you will rue the day you tried to dress yourself!" (RaiderGirl3)

Conflate 'lunch' and 'breakfast' and you get my favorite meal: brunch. (RaiderGirl3)

Dude, only someone with hypoxia would think skateboarding down a mountain is a good idea. (RaiderGirl3)

The wolf SUCCORED his mate, licking her SUPPURATING wound to help it heal. (Jean)

I rue the day that I tried to bamboozle the mummy of King Rootentooten and had to suffer the incurable malediction of forever being a peripatetic moron with no sense of the aesthetic. (Rich)

Secret bonus word: malediction. (Carl, RaiderGirl3, Jean, Rich)

I can't believe how close this game is going into the final round! That $10 Amazon gift certificate could go to anyone. Anyway, this week's words should be posted this evening...and we'll try to get the judging done Thursday evening. Again, I apologize for being late this week.

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