Saturday, August 9, 2008

using that vocab-game 2, week 6

Since we're headed out of town in the morning, I decided to go ahead and get this week's words posted. And you'll have a little extra time this week as well, as the judging won't occur until Friday afternoon.

This week's words:


















And just to let you know, you all (well, with the exception of poor Carl, that is) dodged a bullet last week. I read the sentences aloud to Annie so she can't see who wrote them. (She can, of course, sometimes guess the author of a particular sentence.) Anyway, although I read Carl's sentence to her a couple of times, she didn't quite understand it. Which makes sense to me, as I had to read it to myself a couple of times before it "clicked". Anyway, after the judging, she sat down and read the sentences. And as soon as she actually saw it in writing, she blurted out, "Oh, now I get it. Man, if I had understood that one, I would have chosen it for sure!" And that would have meant 10 points for Carl! Count yourselves lucky! And Carl, count yourself ripped off. :(


Carl V. said...

It is all about having fun, and I did my sentence as much for my own perverse joy at trying to cram 10 words into one sentence as I did to get points. I'm just glad it was enjoyable and that she 'got it' once she saw it!

Carl V. said...

Here are my two sentences, 10 words, for this week:

"Though you may accuse me of a puerile quibble, the sycophant Big Bad Wolf did indeed prevaricate when claiming that he was not a wolf, but a mere practitioner of the art of lycanthropy…this just before he gobbled up my grannie."

"Lord Chauncy was feeling a bit dauncy until the adventitious event of a craven raven’s fealty granted his daughter Harriet her manumit."

raidergirl3 said...

{must be sung to the tune of Ebony and Ivory)
Apogee and perigee,
round and round go the planets,
in harmony,
Near and far pulls the sun,
for infinity.

I don't mean to quibble, but Anne is spelled with an 'e'.

He became known as a sycophant around town, following and fawning after the mayor, embarrassing everyone with his puerile humor.

"Do you dare to prevaricate on the stand?" the lawyer demanded of the witness, who helplessly howled at the moon as he tried to deny the lycanthropy charge against himself.

He swore fealty to the lord of the castle in his own words, but his doggeral wasn't recognized (the audience laughed) and a frisson of terror went through him as he realized his fatuity in trying to impress with a song.

Jean said...

doggerel: His tenacity was so dogged when it came to writing doggerel, to the point that you might say he was dogmatic about it.

quibble, fatuity, prevaricate, ostensive: I cannot prevaricate, nor should I quibble, so let me just say that your ostensive fatuity is quite unbecoming.

fealty, craven, sycophant: "Don't profess your fealty," shouted the lord to the vassal, "when it is clear to me that you are nothing but a craven sycophant!"

adventitious: Adventitious though our meeting each other may have been, it is clear that something good will come of it.

lycanthropy: I'll put my lycanthropy against your misanthropy any day of the week.

Rich said...

craven - The craven cat and I ran from the hairy spider.

quibble - The D student tried to quibble over lost points in hopes of getting a C.

fealty - If only my wife had the same fealty for me as the dog.

sycophant - When my son told me that my hair looked good, I knew that the little sycophant just wanted me to buy him a wii.

prevaricate - I was expecting the children to prevaricate when I asked them if they had been eating cookies while I was on the phone in the other room.

recumbent - I wish my children could leave me alone when I'm recumbent.

adventitious - The doctor told me that my third thumb was adventitious, and that my children would not have the same advantage in thumb wars as I.

lycanthropy - The chihuahua has lycanthropy, even though he couldn't catch a one legged squirrel.

doggerel - The teacher said my poem about a fish who had a wish that he was a girl named Trish was doggerel, but I knew otherwise.

puerile - It annoyed the parents when the children were puerile.

Medbie said...

I missed this week too. :( Getting back into work is exhausting me and cutting into my play time!