Thursday, August 7, 2008

point winners for the week

A little less competition this week. We missed you, Medbie and Awesome! And even so, Annie had a tough time weeding the sentences down to five. But here's what she ended up with:

Samwise Gamgee was every bit as doughty as Gollum was bilious. (Jean)

The pack grew restless at gloaming, awaiting the good hunting the knew the night would bring. (Jean)

In the gloaming, the cat went roaming. (Rich)

The dog was not especially aerodynamic and when he jumped off the cliff after the cat, he fell like a rock into the ocean below. (Rich)

Under a gloaming light, the fox nabbed his dinner from the porch with a surreptitious move. (RaiderGirl3)

And this week's secret bonus word was pariah. (Rich, RaiderGirl3)

We were extremely tempted to give Carl a bonus point for using all 10 words in one sentence, but we figure that wouldn't be fair to "change" the rules in the middle of a game. I admit it, I did have to read the sentence three times before I understood what it said, but dang if it isn't a great sentence!

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