Wednesday, August 20, 2008

using that vocab-game 2, week 7

Just two more lists before we "crown" our winner. Shorter list of words to choose from this week. And a couple extra days to write. (Judging will take place next Thursday, August 28th.)















Good luck, everyone!


Carl V. said...

Alright, 10 words, 2 sentences, 5 each. Once again, I apologize. My strange sense of humor is obviously brought out by these word games.

The craving Kanga did rue the day of the colossal condundrum when his pouch did suppurate, for when he asked the peripatetic python for succor the python responded, "What flavor?"

The command to conflate the hippo with hypoxia and the platypus in penury managed to be a malediction, as the aesthetic of the alliance gave the giraffe the giggles.

raidergirl3 said...

Alyson stomped her feet and cried at her husband, "Your orange sweater, green pants and purple hat have completely ruined the aesthetic of this room and you will rue the day you tried to dress yourself!"

Do not embroil me in your heinous plot to bamboozle that nice family out of an Amazon gift certificate.

When it comes to people in penury, I've always been a succor.

In the unusual move of providing a choice, the witch's malediction was quite a conundrum: pirate or ninja?

Conflate 'lunch' and 'breakfast' and you get my favorite meal: brunch.

Dude, only someone with hypoxia would think skateboarding down a mountain is a good idea.

Jean said...

Carl probably has it wrapped up, but here goes nothin'!

The wolf SUCCORED his mate, licking her SUPPURATING wound to help it heal.

The shaman stretched his arms out wide and declared the re-appearance of the full moon a PROPITIOUS omen.

How he could BAMBOOZLE so many people is a real CONUNDRUM!

Casting off her worldly goods when her children had grown, she became a PERIPATETIC in search of a valid AESTHETIC.

I RUE the day I uttered the MALEDICTION against him, for his spirit haunts me still.

His refusal to accept anything but the truth is what sets him apart as an INTERLOCUTOR.

Rich said...

After being embroiled in a serious conundrum, a fight with a crocodile and enduring a bout of hypoxia as the croc subjected me to a deathroll, it was a most enjoyable succor to be able to breathe fresh air.

I rue the day that I tried to bamboozle the mummy of King Rootentooten and had to suffer the incurable malediction of forever being a peripatetic moron with no sense of the aesthetic.

Why wouldn't it be great, if those bozos in Washington knew how to conflate.

Jean said...

Yo! When will the results be up? Or has Carl swept it once again and you're saving the rest of us from the pain?