Sunday, August 31, 2008

using that vocab-game 2, week 8

Last week of Game 2! Good luck everyone!




















Jean said...

Fourth and long, so I gotta go for broke here:

I thought the EXECRABLE, RUGOSE, CHIMERA to be one of the most ELDRITCH beings I encountered in that INSULAR world, a creature so INELUCTABLE and ATAVISTIC that I suffered from URTICATION just thinking about it in its DORMANT phase let alone its RECRUDESCENT one.

Woo hoo! Win, lose, or draw, it's been a good game, and I can't wait for the next one.

raidergirl3 said...

Kyle's long dormant gravamen against his twin brother led him to refuse to give an acceptable alibi for Todd's class absence.

Make sure you buy the rugose chips that hold the dip so well in their grooves.

As long as you live in your insular world, I have no empathy for your lack of friends.

The sight of the chimera led to an execrable case of urtication in the young children.

Two roads diverged in a wood and I had a choice: parsimony or affluence for the rest of my life which really wasn't much of a choice.

Carl V. said...

10 words, three sentences. Once again, it was fun!

Death, ever the eldritch lothario, proved the theory that no man is insular by declaring his previously dormant love for Life!

The constantly cranky chimera was glad of his sudden recrudescence, for now his execrable younger brother could not refer to him as a rugose old fart.

I have extreme empathy for those who feel that Christmas should entail parsimony in a pear tree.

Rich said...

When the execrable and affluent lothario returned home, he felt sure that his alibi would satisfy his empathic wife, but after he fell asleep and began to snore as she was talking to him, she let her gravamen be known by gluing him to the couch as he slept, loading the couch onto the truck, driving it to the sea, depositing it in the tidal pool of her insular retreat and awakenening her dormant octupi and jellyfish which she let enjoy their recrudescence by giving the sleeping idiot a good urtication.