Monday, August 4, 2008

using that vocab-game 2, week 5

Sorry for not posting this last evening. I have no was just pure laziness. Anyone new to the game may want to check out the rules.



















Good luck, everyone...and have fun!


Jean said...

In a probably vain attempt to regain the lead, here goes...

desiccate: You don't really appreciate how much water is in a body until you mummify one and measure how much it desiccates.

surreptitious: My surreptitious raid on the cookie jar came to a rude end when it crashed to the floor and shattered.

mendicant, fastidious: The mendicant was fastidious about his appearance, having noticed that people gave him less on days he had not at least tried to bathe.

doughty, bilious: Samwise Gamgee was every bit as doughty as Gollum was bilious.

avuncular: She missed his avuncular affection, how he had spoiled her in a way her parents never would.

gloaming: The pack grew restless at gloaming, awaiting the good hunting the knew the night would bring.

victuals: One wonders if, etymologically, "viand" and "victuals" are related, if the latter might be a plural of the former.

somniferous: His summer school classes were particularly somniferous given the lack of air conditioning in the lecture hall.

Rich said...

dessicate - I told him not to leave his pet slug on the driveway on a hot day or it would dessicate.

gloaming - In the gloaming, the cat went roaming.

aerodynamic, bilious, and surreptitious - The dog was not especially aerodynamic and when he jumped off the cliff after the cat, he fell like a rock into the ocean below. The bilious cat, however, clung to a tree branch and surreptitiously climbed to safety.

somniferous - Cats find everything somniferous.

fastidious - When the fastidious Bob finally left the party and went home, the rest of the guests were overjoyed and began to dance and sing.

conjecture - I told her that she hated me, but she told me that was pure conjecture.

mendicant - The dog becomes and instant mendicant at dinnertime, and Mom made him go out in the backyard.

pariah - Baker is a pariah in this neighborhood due to his incessant barking.

Carl V. said...

10 words, one long, grammatically suspect a few big
words of my own! :)

"Aerodynamic victuals may be all well and good for the fastidious,
mendicant infant, but if your conjecture is that this doughty
octogenarian wishes to masticate his comestibles in a like fashion
then you are an avuncular simian and can go desiccate...spoon feeding makes me bilious in the gloaming!"

Hope all is well!!!

Medbie said...

First week back to work after my lovely summer break and I'm just too exhausted to think! I'll have to skip this week's and catch up next week! :)

raidergirl3 said...

Hope I'm not too late today:

With the advent of anti-bacterial soap, Mary became even more fastidious, scrubbing and cleaning everything her baby touched.

Because he was unable to make his paper airplane very aerodynamic, Rich became a pariah in physics class.

The inveterate begger, gleaning victuals from neighbourhood gardeners and ruining the asceticism of the hoity-toity community, was the focus of the meeting 'Ridding your Community of Mendicants.'

Under a gloaming light, the fox nabbed his dinner from the porch with a surreptitious move.

Medbie said...

Carl's sentence is a hoot! LOL